As a Child of the Sun, with a cornerstone in Catholicism , Phyllis has always had a very strong faith, and a deep love of The Ethereal , The Sacred, and The Divine. Holding a BA in Fine Arts, and a minor in Religious Studies, she is capable of looking at God’s diversely, beautiful Universe, Through The Eyes Of The Sol with a sense of love, compassion, and empathy.

Taught by the Virtues… Phyllis is a Certified Angel Intuitive , Spiritual Life Coach, and Oracle Card Reader. She participates as a Practitioner in accessing The Akashic Records, A Realm Reader, and a Fairyologist.

Blessed with holding the gentle, loving, healing energy of the Angels, Phyllis has attained Reiki Master Teacher, Animal Reiki Master and Level 2 Integrated Energy Therapist.

Phyllis also works closely with children bringing the gift of “Mindfulness Coaching” to schools and privately, as requested or needed. She also is Certified in Space Clearing, House Cleansing, and any performing Blessings of the Hearth and Home, and teaches Psychic and Spiritual Development Classes in Stillwater, NJ.

With this magnificent background, Phyllis would like to give Tattoo Artist’s symbols or messages that come in for the receivers so they can design a Spiritual Tattoo designed from the universe.

We're hiring!

Rocco’s Tattoo Parlour is looking for an experienced, well rounded, and outgoing artist. Someone who is down to earth that likes an art driven environment. An artist who is great with clients and managing customer needs. We are a fully custom shop and thrive in creating unique designs for our clients. Requirements include 2yrs shop experience able to work 4-5 days a week, great people skills, art driven mindset and good demeanor.
If this interests you please contact Silvi at 732-529-6743